A PHENOMENAL long-lasting premium ultra-high-performance lubricant that, when properly applied, can provide the following advantages over most other greases:
  • Bonds to clean metal surfaces, filling in microscopic peaks and valleys creating near perfect “boundary lubrication”.
  • Seals clean metal surfaces, preventing oxidation and rust formation.
  • Waterproof performance, will “stay put” and not run under submerged conditions.
  • Can reduce the frequency of re-lubrication by a factor of 20 to 1 or more.
  • It is the high percentage of PERMALON® additive that makes KRAZY GREASE truly KRAZY. In stark contrast most other manufacturers use only trace amounts of their touted additives.
For use on the following applications:

AUTOMOTIVE: Wheel Bearings, U-joints, Slides, Cams, Chasis, Doors, Locks Springs, Axles, Fifth-Wheel Hitches

TRUCKING: Wheel Bearings, Fifth-Wheel Coating, King-Pins, Bogies

MARINE: Propellers, Rudders, Winches, Chains, Wireline, Hatches, Gear Boxes, Canal-lock Hinges, Boat Trailer Bearings

CANAL LOCKS – “Stay-Put Lubrication” For Large Canal Lock Hinges And Other Mechanical Equipment

STEEL & MINING INDUSTRY: Roll-Neck Bearings, Coke-Oven Doors, Larry Cars, Hatches & Covers, Drilling Equipment, All Outdoor Equipment

INDUSTRIAL: No-Drip Lube for Oven Conveyors, Steam Applications, Travelling Screens on Big Strainers, Cables, Gear Boxes, Automated Equipment

RAILROADS:  Wheel Bearings, Axles, Track Lubrication, Couplers, Swtiches, Movable Bridges, Slide Plates, Throw Rods

FARM: Tractors, Trucks, Hitches, Automated Systems And No-drip Lube For Conveyors, Most Categories Of Farm Equipment With Continuous Outdoor Use

RECREATIONAL: Amusement Rides, Ski-Lifts, Rope-Tows, Snowmobiles, MotorCycles, Fitness Machines, Ski-Doos, ATVs, Firearms, Fishing Eqpt, Trailer Hitches & Wheel Bearings, PaintBall Guns, Rustproofing For Golf Clubs, Ski-Bindings, Outboard Motor Propellers

CARWASHES: No-Drip Conveyors And Automated Equipment

LAYUP & STORAGE COATING:  Most Effective And Longest-Lasting Rust-Protection-Coating Product In The World

OFFSHORE OIL & GAS DRILLING PLATFORM/RIGS:  Protective Coatings And Thread Sealants For Drill Pipes & Casings, Long-Lasting Lubrication & Rust-Proofing For Most Categories Of Surface And Submerged Mechanical Equipment

WIND TURBINES: Bearings for Propellers (main-pitch-yaw), Rotors, Generators, Swing Pinions & Gearboxes

HEAVY ICE BUILDUP PREVENTION:  In most cases, when manually worked onto clean metal surfaces (painted & unpainted) can nullify the bondability of heavy ice and snow buildup while simultaneously creating a barrier against the formation of rust

Pricing: (Thickness provided is standard grease viscosity of NLGI-2 / For an extra charge KRAZY GREASE can also be provided in NLGI grades 000 thru 6)